Сапоги Slam Lay Line Boot (42)

Сапоги Slam Lay Line Boot (42) ID#643
7 000 грн. 10 500 грн.

Категории: Обувь Распродажа

Теги: SLAM


Яхтенные сапоги Slam Lay Line Boot.

Яхтенные сапоги 3/4, верхняя часть сделана из пропитанного нубука и технической ткани. Внутренняя мембрана - Veratex гарантирует водонепроницаемость и дышимость.

The SLAM LAY LINE is a perfect sailing boots from nubuck leather, cotton and Kevlar fabric.It has an elastic waistband for optimum comfort under oilskins and to provide additional grip.

Padding: specifically breathable and water repellent Veratex® material. You sweat and do not freeze.The perfect non-slip rubber sole and a water midsole prevents the penetration of water into the boots. The sailing boots is very light and extremely easy to transport due to its flexible upper, because you can roll up the boots.Ideal for longer sailing without annoying-heavy boots on board for an ideal mix of stability, weight and diminish breathability.

Артикул S116631S00
Размер 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45
Цвет Бежевый
Бренд Slam