Velocitek ProStart

Velocitek ProStart ID#308
23 171 грн.
Velocitek ProStart

Velocitek ProStart

23 171 грн.

Категории: Электроника Идеи подарков

Теги: Velocitek


Velocitek ProStart

120mm (4.72") x 175mm (6.89") x 40mm (1.57")

Finally the perfect instrument for the perfect start. The ProStart first has a start mode, designed for use as a timer, with the option of synching when you miss that crucial first gun and also gives you the start line position with only two buttons. A simple design, there are two buttons with symbols signifying either the committee boat or the pin. All you need to do is sail to either end and set it, then it will read your distance from the line.

After the starting gun, the ProStart immediately switches over to race mode where it will give you speed, heading, max speed, averages and GPS.

Main Display Modes of the SpeedPuck:

  • Speedometer: Displays speed, updated at 2Hz.
  • Compass: Displays heading / course over ground, updated at 2Hz.
  • Maximum Speed: Displays maximum speed attained since the device was turned on.
  • Bar Graph Lift / Header Indicator:
    • Automatically locks on to your tack angle
    • Bar graph shows lifts and headers in three degree increments
    • Automatically resets when you tack or jibe

Attachment Options:
There is a mounting bracket that bolts to a plastic cradle that is included with the Prostart. Also, it is compatible with any Tacktick Micro Compass bracket.


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