Velocitek SHIFT

Velocitek SHIFT ID#309
20 271 грн.
Velocitek SHIFT

Velocitek SHIFT

20 271 грн.

Категории: Электроника Идеи подарков

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Velocitek Shift

115mm (4.53") x 165mm (6.50") x 50mm (1.97")

Stay in phase with intuitive wind shift tracking with big numbers and bold arrows make it easy to see if you're headed or lifted. With large compass digits you can easily see the display. Reflective LCD screen is easy to read in the sun and even with polarized sunglasses. With a 9-axis solid state sensor to track the orientation of the boat in 3 dimensions providing smooth, instantly responsive compass you can trust.

Features the same countdown timer as the Velocitek ProStart. Just hit the GUN button.

Doesn't use GPS technology and can be configured to comply with the rules of any class that allows electronic compasses.

  • Compass: 9-axis solid state sensor to track orientation of boat in 3 dimensions
  • Lift / Header Indicator:
    • Big numbers and bold arrows to see how much you're headed or lifted
    • Massive buttons allow you to instantly store port and starboard reference angles
  • Backlight: Red LED backlight that won't ruin your night vision
  • Battery: Solar charged that is good for 60 hours

Attachment Options:
Comes with a cradle. Attachment options include: Standoffs for mounting directly on the bulkhead and two different bracket configurations either an offset or low profile design.

Box Contents:

  • Shift
  • Mounting Cradle
  • Two Velocitek Stickers
  • Quick Start guide
  • Static-Cling Legalizer Label
  • Nylon storage case



Тип Компас
Бренд Velocitek